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Drivers complain about PARKatlanta system, files lawsuit

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There are more complaints against PARKatlanta, the agency that issues parking tickets for the city. Last November, the city of Atlanta amended the contract to improve services and make the company more transparent

Chris Moore said he's sick of dealing with PARKatlanta.

"I got out there just a few minutes late and had the ticket waiting for me," Moore said.

Moore admits he was in the wrong, so he paid the ticket on time.

"I thought I was done with it and then a couple weeks later ended up getting a notice that the ticket had gone unpaid. I was a little frustrated because this is not the first problem I've had with PARKatlanta," Moore said.

Moore contacted the company to sort out a problem he believes should never have been an issue.

"I'm doing the right thing. I went ahead and paid the ticket as soon as I could and then to get the notification after they cashed the check, that's just frustrating to me," Moore said.

That frustration level rose so high for consumer credit attorney Auden Grumet, he recently filed a lawsuit against PARKatlanta.

"They annoyed me to that point, and I knew if they were doing these kinds of things with me, they were probably doing it with others so I thought I should take action," Grumet said.

His complaint also deals with how PARKatlanta handles tickets. He disputed his.

"When I appealed it and followed PARKatlanta's own internal appeal procedures, they didn't follow their own procedures," Grumet said.

And before a court date to dispute the ticket was set, Grumet claims his information had been sent to a credit collection agency.

Both men believe something needs to change.

"Somewhere along the line, the paperwork and the system, it's not matching up, so if they can just get their ducks in a row that would help us all out," Moore said. 

Valerie Bell-Smith responded to CBS Atlanta's request for an interview late Friday with this statement:

"PARKatlanta routinely practices goodwill in responding to our citizen concerns. In this case, PARKatlanta took necessary action to waive a late fee as a courtesy. We do not have many instances that would suggest there to be a glitch in the automated processing system. On the rare occasion where a citation holder presents that a late notice is received incorrectly, the citation holder may contact PARKatlanta to inquire as Mr. Moore did. With supportive evidence, late fees may be removed.

With regard to Grumet, this is an open legal matter between Mr. Grumet and PARKatlanta and therefore we are unable to comment."

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