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Community mourns five killed in house fire

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A community mourns a family, a mother and four young girls killed in a fire Saturday morning. 

Alonna McCrary, 28, along with her children Eriel McCrary, 5, Messiah White, 3, Nikia White, 2, and Makinzie Florence, 1, were killed, while 11-year-old Nautica "Molly" McCrary survived and was treated for smoke inhalation.

Ralph Hudgens, the state fire commissioner, ruled the fire as an accident. 

Firefighters responded to the house on Midland Park Lane in Newnan at 1:17 a.m. Saturday.

Firefighters said the fire spread so quickly, that by the time they got there it was too late.

"Officers said it was fully involved and no one was able to get close to the house," said Newnan Police Chief Douglas Meadows.

Luckily some heroic neighbors were much closer and they were able to get the oldest daughter out.

Afterwards the family brought the lone survivor, Molly, to share her story with CBS Atlanta.

"I really didn't see it until I got outside. When they pulled me out of the window I guess I had fallen asleep or something. I really don't know how it looked, but then when I woke up and saw it I just started asking, 'Where's my mama, where's my mama?' They had told me she was still in the house," said Molly McCrary.

Her mother, Alonna McCrary had gone back inside to try to save the other kids, but never made it out.

"That's the only reason why my mama stayed in there - to save, to try to help save all the other babies," said Molly McCrary.

It didn't take long for a memorial to get started outside the burned home showing how this tragedy really hit this community and that includes the first responders.

"Most, if not all of us out here, are parents ourselves and a child getting hurt really hits hard," said Meadows.

Even for a police chief with more than 40 years experience.

"This is probably about the worst," said Meadows as he fought back the tears.

A smoke detector was found in the home, but officials aren't sure yet if it was working.

A funeral for Alonna McCrary, Eriel McCrary, Messiah White and Nikia White will be on Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. Makinzie will have a funeral on Thursday.

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