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Survivor teaches victims how to combat bullying

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A seventh-grader, once the target of vicious taunts, is teaching other kids how to protect themselves against bullying.

Cobe Jackson endured the cruel insults in school.

"I know what it feels like to be bullied because I had been bullied for three years," Cobe said. "(It) made me feel like I was a loser sometimes, like I was a geek."

He thought if he ignored the vicious attacks, the emotional pain would fade.

"First it was verbal, then it became physical," Cobe said.

The merciless taunts escalated into inhuman brutality.

"They would kick me in places, kick me in the groin, kick me everywhere," Cobe said.

Eventually Cobe's mom pulled him out of class and began home-schooling him.

Cobe has put his time to good use.

Cobe, who once was the target of vicious taunts, is teaching other kids how to protect themselves against bullying.

He and his 14-year-old friend, Nick Badila, created the website to combat bullying in all its forms.

"It helps people know about the different kinds of bullying, what people feel like, and it helps them get through it," Cobe said.

The website features music videos, news reports, organizations and video games that bullying victims can tap into for help.

In the game, bullies confront the player, who must to leap to grab a microphone and speak out against bullying by calling friends, teachers or police.

The website won first place in the middle school web challenge, sponsored by the Technology Association of Georgia, beating out nearly 100 other teams.

"If I can get this website known, then a lot of people will be viewing it and then people will understand there's ways you can stand up," said Cobe, who once felt like a worthless geek, but now feels like he is on top of the world.

"I learned that being a geek is cool, and you get to win really good prizes for it," Cobe said.

The two young men beat out nearly 100 other teams to win first place.

Each of them won $800 in college scholarship money and a week at a summer camp for computer application designs.    

The two young men want to launch a program called 31 Days of Non-bullying in local schools to promote their website.

They also will judge a similar student contest in October, during anti-bullying month.

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