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Area residents claim limo company scammed them

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It's not often you rent a limo for a special occasion, but when you do you expect it to be first class.

Several metro Atlanta women thought they would get the royal treatment when they paid hundreds of dollars to a local limo company for a trip to see Georgia's vineyards. Instead, they got a limo to nowhere.

"I mean he is pretty much targeting women in this. It was a Dahlonega wine tour and you know the women love the vineyards here in Georgia," customer Kelly McNamee said.

McNamee is one of several women who said she was ripped off by Comfortable Transportation Lines, a limousine company run by Rasheed Fayall.

"He stole money," customer Andi Frey said.

Frey and other consumers said Comfortable Transportation Lines charged them hundreds of dollars and never showed up for the trip.

"I had authorized $175 for a couple of additional hours and then an additional person and then he charged another $425 on that so all told it was $625," Frey said.

"Then last Monday I got another charge on my card from him for $35, but it was two months after the fact," McNamee said.

The victims said they found out about this limo to nowhere online, from sites like Half Off Depot, Loclly and Living Social. The deal was for a day trip to the North Georgia wineries. It was something Cheryl Bargatze had planned for her 50th birthday, but the limo was a no show.

"He just hurt a lot of people. He took a lot of memories away," Bargatze said.

CBS Atlanta News uncovered some details about Fayall. We found that he has a criminal record and his business is not licensed by the state. Plus, there were warrants out for his arrest for account fraud and operating without a license.

So in search of justice for the victims, we hit the streets to look for Fayall. His business address was a UPS store in Kennesaw. Management there said he failed to pay them and hadn't been seen in six months.

We then traveled to a half a dozen other locations and even spotted Cobb County deputies out looking for Fayall.

And after a long day of searching, we decided to check one more location in Cherokee County where we found Fayall.

CBS Atlanta's Adam Murphy then asked Fayall where his limos were located.

"Hold on one second I'm making a call," Fayall said.

So while Fayall made a call, CBS Atlanta News did too, to 911.

Deputies arrived within minutes and found Fayall hiding in a bedroom closet.

And while the victims never got a ride from Fayall, they were content in knowing that he got a ride to jail.

"It's great," Frey said.

"I was happy. It's what deserves to happen," McNamee said.

"Thank you," Bargatze said.

The women in this case are now working with Cobb County's Fraud Unit as the police investigate their claims of unauthorized charges.

As for Fayall, he insisted he wasn't trying to rip people off. CBS Atlanta News spoke with some people that said Comfortable Transportation Lines did show up for events. However, those customers said Fayall was either late or had a dirty limo. We've also learned that Fayall doesn't own a limo, he was contracting them.

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