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Water pipe bursts at Tempe apartments

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Resident evacuate. (Source: KPHO-TV) Resident evacuate. (Source: KPHO-TV)
The incident happened at Tower 1 at West 6th in Tempe. (Source: KPHO-TV) The incident happened at Tower 1 at West 6th in Tempe. (Source: KPHO-TV)

Electrical repairs are underway at a Tempe apartment building after a pipe connected to fire sprinklers burst on the eighth floor Wednesday, forcing residents to evacuate.

The incident happened at Tower 1 at West 6th.

Firefighters turned off the power and evacuated floors one through eight.

Around 3:30 p.m., floors nine through 22 were evacuated and power was shut down to the remainder of the building. Tempe fire spokesman Phil Rohe said there was flooding on the floors.

Rohe also said the electrical system was damaged.

About 8 p.m., firefighters discovered power couldn't be turned back on and ordered residents on all 22 floors to leave the building.

Management helped people get into hotels, Rohe said.

Electricians hired by the West 6th property management company are starting to repair damaged electrical wiring.

The West 6th management team and electrical engineers are working to restore temporary power to allow as many residents as possible to return home, the city of Tempe said in a statement. 

"When the West 6th contractors have completed the repairs, a third-party electrical engineer will certify the electrical repairs in conjunction with Tempe's Building Safety Division inspections and approvals," according to the statement.

After that, the city will allow the electrical system to be re-energized and residents to return.

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