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Teen killed while playing 'chicken' with train in Rome

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ROME, GA (CBS46) -

A family is mourning the loss of a teenager after a game that has become an internet sensation turns fatal.

Malik Johnson, 17, was killed Sunday morning in Rome after playing chicken with an oncoming train.

Police said Johnson and his friends weren't just walking down to the tracks, they were actually laying down. They were supposed to get out of the way at the last second, but Johnson never made it.

Johnson's family said they were not only shocked but confused.

"I've never known Malik to do something like this. It's kind of a shock to me for him to do that," said Johnson's cousin Brianna Creaner.

Taqurius Glynn is another one of Johnson's cousins. He admitted it was a stupid thing to do, but said that's not who Johnson really was.

He said they won't remember him for this mistake, but for what he did well.

"He was a good person. He could dance. He always made people laugh. He wasn't a bad person at all," said Glynn.

The family said they don't exactly know where Johnson and his friends got the idea, but there was a lot of talk about them possibly watching clips on YouTube.

Desiree Scales is the CEO of Bella Web Design. She said millions of clips are posted each month and clips of people playing chicken with a train weren't too hard to find.

"I found a hundred if not more," said Scales.

Clips posted online can actually be even more dangerous than anything seen on TV or even the movies, said Scales.

"YouTube makes it more seductive because these are real people. It's real kids doing this and getting away with it. They think they got away with it so I'm going to try it too," said Scales.

With millions of videos coming in she said it's almost impossible to regulate, but she said that doesn't mean you can't keep your kids safe.

"Monitor it and know what your kids are watching, know who their friends are. I think it goes even beyond that by knowing who friends are and who they are hanging out with. Have conversations with kids every day," said Scales.

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