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State investigation clears Clayton Co. Chairman Jeff Turner

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The State Election Board cleared Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner of any wrongdoing on Tuesday.

"This case involves a complaint that Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner, at the time he filed his candidacy affidavit, put false information regarding his residency," said Chris Harvey an investigator with the Secretary of State's Office.

The state launched an investigation into Turner's residency after receiving a complaint from Clayton County's Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Color People (NAACP).

"The local president of the NAACP took it upon herself to say I wasn't a legal resident at the time," said Turner.

Turner said when he was married he lived in Henry County. He got a divorce and moved to Clayton, but some legal documents related to his divorce contained his Henry County address when he filed his candidacy.

That's what the NAACP tried to use against him.

"The complaint came after I was already in office and had served some time, two or three months in office," said Turner.

Turner said he could have proved his residency to the NAACP before the state got involved.

"I wish the NAACP would have taken the time before they ran with their concerns, to actually sit down with me and say this is our issue why don't you show us you are a legal resident. It didn't have to go this far," said Turner.

Turner was confident the case would be dismissed.

"I was confident I would have this outcome and be vindicated," said Turner.

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