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Security tips to keep your car safe from thieves

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A gas station, like any other place, can be filled with people who know they can be targeted by a car thieves.

CBS Atlanta talked to security expert Chuck Simmons with Norred & Associates Inc. about what motorists can do to help hold on to their cars.

"People should be extremely aware of their surrounds at all time, especially when they're entering and exiting their vehicles. No matter where they are, " said Simmons.

Christy Pruitty is a mother who knows that times may come when she has to briefly step away from her car with her toddler inside.

In the case of pumping gas, she takes her keys out of the car and keeps them in her hand.

She said when at home and running in and out of the house, she also keeps her keys in her hand.

"If I already have him [her toddler son] secure in the car, I might run right inside the door for something. I make sure the garage door isn't open. So that nobody can gain access to the home," said Pruitty.

Susie Thomas told CBS Atlanta News the she never leaves her keys in her car.

"I take my keys out and lock my doors and this, I get my gas. I think that's the safest thing to do," said Thomas.

Norred said motorists can fallow a few key safety tips to protect their car:

1. Always be aware of your surroundings.

2. Never leave your car unattended with the keys inside.

3. Never run after the bad guy and call 911.

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