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Transforming lives through DDP Yoga

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We are all in search of the fountain of youth - something to make us look younger, feel better and turn back time. People living in metro Atlanta and beyond say they're finding just that, thanks to a familiar face.

Diamond Dallas Page took what he learned recovering from wrestling injuries and combined it with yoga, to come up with his own DDP Yoga.

Page recently moved back to Atlanta and he only showed us how his second stop in the spotlight is changing lives.

"I was eating junk, drive-thru, fast food all the time," Stacy Tillman said.

Tillman felt like many mothers - too busy to work out.

"I didn't work out at all for several years because I had just had two children back to back," Tillman said.

Terri Lange was also overweight.

"It was just something I didn't do. I never ever daily exercised, never thought about it at all. I was 84 lbs heavier at one point," Lange said.

That all changed when they met Page. The WCW Heavyweight Champion known for his signature move called "The Diamond Cutter," took what he learned recovering from an injury and years in the ring and created DPP Yoga.

"Yoga, rehab, old school calisthenics. My goal is to make yoga friendlier to people who wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga. That's why we call it DDP Yoga. It's not just Diamond Dallas Page. It's drive, desire and passion. DDP Yoga is completely different from any other yoga, mainly because of tone and attitude, T & A. The thing that really sets us apart is dynamic resistance. We're engaging our muscles as we're moving them from one position to another. What happens when you do that, your heart has got to beat faster to get the blood to the muscle, so you get to the fat burning zone virtually standing still," Page said.

Page said DDP Yoga will increase flexibility with minimum joint impact and maximum core strength conditioning.

The transformation of military veteran Arthur Boorman through DDP Yoga went viral with more than 9 million YouTube hits.

"He went from 297 lbs; losing 140 lbs in 10 months. But it wasn't just the weight. It was the knee braces, the back brace and the wrap around canes," Page said.

Page said Boorman proves DDP Yoga can work for anyone. He points to the friends he invites to workout with him daily at his Smyrna home.

"All different ages, all different sizes because anyone can do DDP Yoga as long as they check their ego before they get on the mat, because there's a modification for everything," Page said.

Lange found she lost weight along with the other benefits. At 62, she feels in the best shape of her life.

"It just kept coming off and my attitude started changing as I started feeling better. Dallas was reminding me that I had control of my own body and that I could control aging," Lange said.

Tillman lost 50 lbs in six months doing the workouts at home. The 43-year-old said she went from a size 14/16 to a 4/6.

"The working out combined with the eating habits. It was a huge difference. I felt so much better," Tillman said.

Page wants to motivate others waiting for a change to take charge and make that change happen for themselves.

"If you do DDP Yoga, if you eat real food, I'm not talking about processed garbage, that anything's possible. I prove it day after day after day," Page said.

DDP Yoga begins slowly and you gradually work up to the more complicated moves.

Page thinks his second stop in the spotlight will outshine his days in the ring.

For more information on DDP Yoga, click here.

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