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Former cop accused of faking Purple Heart

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A former Holly Springs police officer is accused of lying that he earned a Purple Heart.

Shane Ladner was arrested Tuesday afternoon but later posted $23,000 bail.

Ladner claimed he earned the honor after being wounded during combat in 1989, but the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department says Ladner was not injured during his military service.

Ladner and his wife, Meg, first gained the sympathy of the nation when she lost a leg during a Veteran's Day Parade in Texas.

The former officer's story about his Purple Heart soon began to unravel.

The Cherokee District Attorney's Office asked the sheriff's department to look into Ladner's application for a Purple Heart license plate.

When investigators called the Army, officials said they had no record that earned a Purple Heart.

A spokesman for the sheriff's department said Ladner lied and received free Purple Heart license plates from 2009 to 2012.

Neighbors at Ladner's apartment complex were disappointed by the news.

"There's really no reason to lie about something like that in the first place," said Jessica Kuczynski, who  lives in the complex. "There are a lot of military personnel who do their job and put their life on the line for us and for our freedom, and to play around with something like that is disgraceful."

Karen Hensley said she expected more from a man whose job is to protect and serve the public.

"They're supposed to be a better representation than lying to the people over something that serious. That's a terrible thing for him to do, especially for an officer," Hensley said.

Ladner is charged with four counts of theft by deception one count of making false statements and one count of false swearing.

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