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Sheriff Victor Hill wants taxpayers to pay his legal debt

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Clayton County Chairman Jeff Turner told CBS Atlanta News that Sheriff Victor Hill asked county commissioners to pay off his legal debt.

"The Sheriff came to the county commissioners and made a simple request that we consider paying for his legal fees that were incurred the first time he was in office," said Turner.

In the November elections, Hill reclaimed the job he lost to Kem Kimbrough four years ago.

When Hill was first elected Sheriff in 2004, he put snipers on top of the Sheriff's office and fired several employees. They sued and won.

Now Hill wants taxpayers to foot the bill, which amounts to roughly $475,000.

"A judgment was awarded against him. He wants us to pay that judgment off for him," said Turner.

Turner said the county is currently paying Hill's $10,000 legal fees he incurred from March to May of this year. Hill hired attorneys to consult him on how to pay off that $475,000 personal debt from 2004.

"The amount of money the county is responsible and paying for at this time is legal fees that are accruing in his official capacity as Sheriff," said Turner.

Clayton County resident Alice Samuel voted for Hill in 2012, but she doesn't think she and other residents should pay Hill's bill.

"I really don't think the consumers, the people, should have to pay his bill," said Samuel.

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