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Cost of cleanup after the storms can be expensive

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The storm damage is extensive in metro Atlanta and we've learned the cleanup is expensive.

Bill Brodnax took matters into his own hands Friday.

He cut up a 35-year-old tree that fell in his yard during the storm and just missed his home on West Nancy Creek Drive.

"I would think it would be about $1,000 to clean it up," storm victim Cheryl Brodnax said.

Hulon Garmon also has an expensive mess to clean up. A massive tree crushed the fence in his yard on Oak Drive.

"I saw what happened last night. God was looking out for me," Garmon said.

Garmon called his insurance company and they told him he had a $1,000 deductible. So he found a cheaper way to clean up the debris.

"The removal of the tree minus the stump is $275. So it's well under my deductible of insurance," Garmon said.

Garmon plans to hire a tree service that has done work for him before. Plus, he has a couple of family members lined up to fix the fence and grind the stump.

Back at the Brodnax's home, a tree removal service left a notice on their mailbox, so CBS Atlanta News called JJ's Lawn Scapes for an estimate.

"It's like around $700 to $800," Jose with JJ's Lawn Scapes said.

It sounded like a fair price, but they told us they were not bonded or insured.

"I use people that are recommended to me. This is nice and he might do a great job, but I have this guy and a friend that has another one so I'm fine," Brodnax said.

So what should you do if you have storm damage?

  • Contact your insurance company and find out what your deductible is, if you don't already know.
  •  If you think you can do it cheaper, be sure to get multiple estimates.
  •  Never pay a company up front
  • Check the history of the company with the Secretary of State and Better Business Bureau.

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