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Atlanta City Council approves budget, pay raises for employees

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Atlanta City Council worked late into the night and approved a $539 million budget that includes pay increases for most city employees.

The vast majority of workers would get a 3 percent increase in July.

Workers earning less than $60,000 along with police and firefighters would get a pay raise of 1 percent.

All those groups will get another .5 percent increase in January.

While the police officers' union was generally pleased with pay hike. The firefighters union was disappointed.

Stephen Borders, President of the Atlanta Professional Firefighters Union, called the increase an insult.

"This is a superficial deal," Borders said. "This is a drop in the bucket to the real problem."

Borders complained that the mayor's office kept the union in the dark until the last moment.

"The biggest thing we asked for in these negotiations were negotiations, not to be handed a deal that's a little greater than the initial offer," Borders said.

Mayor Reed's office could not be reached for a response in time for this story.

Ken Allen, President of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, said the raise is low but the Mayor and Council President have said they would work to give first responders higher raises in future budgets.

"There's a commitment for future increases," Allen said. "To me that's more important to get on the table so we know where we're going not have to fight this fight we've been having the last few years."

Councilwoman Felicia Moore said she will still work to get first responders bigger raises.

"I want to get them more money. I'm sure it's not what they'd like to have but it's a start," Moore said.

Police and firefighters received a 3.5 percent increase in 2011.

Most other city employees just got a one-time, $450 bonus.

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