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Consumer Alert: Snappiest Android phones

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Despite all the talk about Apple's iPhones, more than 50 percent of the smart-phone market opts for an Android phone.

Consumer Reports says the Samsung Galaxy S 4's large display is just one example of what Android phones bring to the table. Another advantage that Android phones offer is how easily they can wirelessly share pictures, videos, and other files with other devices nearby. The Galaxy S 4 can also be used as a remote, not just for your television but for your cable box as well.

The HTC One is another Android phone that Consumer Reports says stands out. There's a great deal of customization options when it comes to the software. There are widgets that you can customize to have the phone really appear just the way you want it. And its camera does a great job taking pictures in low-light situations with its unique image sensor. And that's not all. You can edit and share those pictures in ways that you can't even dream about on a regular camera. For example, the HTC One can automatically create a video from your photo and video library, complete with a soundtrack.

Android phones also have better displays than ever. They are often 5 inches or larger and are high definition, and that's good news if you're looking at photos, videos, or reading text on a Web page.

That includes the brand-new LG Optimus G Pro. Its 5½-inch HD 1080P display almost makes you forget you're watching video on a phone, making it another Android smart phone that's recommended by Consumer Reports.

Though Android has the edge right now with the latest technology, Apple is due to come out with a new phone sometime this year. Of course, Consumer Reports will be testing to see how the latest iPhone features stack up against Android's innovations. For more information log on to

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