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Las Vegas road-rage incident caught on video

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A motorcycle rider with GoPro camera attached to his helmet recorded the road rage incident.  (Source: YouTube) A motorcycle rider with GoPro camera attached to his helmet recorded the road rage incident. (Source: YouTube)

A GoPro video, shot on top of a rider's helmet, shows a silver Chevy Cavalier abruptly cutting into a motorcyclist, knocking him off his bike inside the McCarran Airport Connector Tunnel.

"Just wiped out my client completely, just took him out. I think the video shows, to me at least, that it's intentional," said Stephen Stubbs, the attorney representing the motorcycle rider who was hit.

Stubbs said earlier that night, the driver of the Cavalier originally cut off several of the bikers, then brake-checked his client. Later, that same driver bumped into Stubbs' client with his car.

When Stubbs' client gave chase, eventually the driver of the Cavalier hit the motorcycle driver, throwing him off his bike.

"My client is in bad shape. His back hurts. He's got road rash. He's pretty shaken up," Stubbs said.

But when we showed the same video to Cycle School instructor Victor Moss, he said Stubbs' client and his fellow riders were not riding safely and were asking for trouble.

"No question about it, he let his bad judgment get the better of him," Moss said.

Moss said the motorcyclists should never have boxed in the car like they did in the video.

"If a car wants to get through, back off, let him through. They may be trying to get to an exit," Moss said.

But Stubbs said they did that intentionally after the first collision.

"They weren't letting him go. They wanted him to stop because he had just caused a collision," Stubbs told FOX5.

After Stubbs' client fell, the other riders chased the driver down, something Moss said was dangerous.

"Now you've got two different people fighting ... They can't talk to each other," Moss said.

When they finally caught up with the Cavalier, the bikers called the police.

"I have no idea why, but police actually gave my client a reckless driving ticket and let the other guy go," Stubbs said.

Now Stubbs said he plans to fight that charge.

"I would hope that once Metro (police department) sees this video, Metro will certainly correct its error," Stubbs said.

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