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Neighborhood fed up with abandoned complex get good news

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Residents in a southwest Atlanta neighborhood are fed up with an abandoned apartment complex they say is creating all kinds of problems.

The complex is at the corner of Alison Court and Myrtle Drive.

To anyone that's seen the complex, it's easy to see why residents are so upset with trash, tires, broken windows and graffiti on just about every wall.

Whitney Montgomery lives in the complex right next to the problem area.

"It looks ridiculous. It really does need to be torn down," said Montgomery.

Residents said the trashed complex keeps all the good people away, but it's actually attracting all the bad.

"There's criminal activity going on in this abandoned building. I can't say what it is, because I don't know what it is, but you know it's happening, said a resident named Donald, who didn't want to give his full name.

Some said it's so bad they won't even go near it.

"After a certain hour of the day in the late evening I don't bother myself with coming out unless it's absolutely necessary," said Donald.

CBS Atlanta News took the residents' complaints to police, and found out it was a problem they were very familiar with. In fact, they tipped us off to some news that the building is set to be demolished; something the city said isn't exactly easy, because you're talking about the government taking over some private property.

"When we demolish a property that means we've identified it as the worst of the worst," said Carlos Campos with the Atlanta Police Department.

And they're not talking later this year.

"Demolition of this property is scheduled to begin on Thursday. We're happy to say," said Campos.

Not as happy as the residents who see the mess on a daily basis though.

"To hear that, I was shocked it was going to be happening so soon. I am so happy," said Donald.

Demolition is scheduled to start Thursday at noon.

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