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Villa Rica store clerk shoots, kills robbery suspect

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Villa Rica police responded to a robbery and shots fired at the Junior Food Store on Dallas Highway around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

"They found that the suspect had been shot. He was found dead behind the counter on the floor" said Villa Rica Police Capt. Keith Shaddix.

When police arrived, they found Durante Octavious Ashley, 19, shot three times.

According to Shaddix, Ashley entered the store wearing a black bandanna covering his face and a green hooded jacket covering his head.

"He points the gun at the clerk. The clerk started backing out away from the counter, Ashley grabs him, forces him at gunpoint up to the register, makes him open it," said Shaddix.

Ashley didn't know the clerk was packing heat.

"Ashley starts pulling money out of the drawer. He took his eyes off the clerk for a moment. The clerk sees that opportunity, pulls a handgun he had hidden on his body and shot Ashley at least three times," said Shaddix.

Rush Patel is the owner of Junior Food Store.

"It think it's a sad thing that happened. I wish it never happened," said Patel.

Patel said Ashley was a regular customer. Patel said his clerk is having a tough time dealing with the ordeal.

"He's going to take off for a week or so. He doesn't want to be around here. I don't blame him," said Patel.

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