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Woman shot in face: "I wake up with a smile"

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Mildred Kemp only wants to smile, even though her jaw is wired shut.

"By me getting a second chance in life, I am going to smile everyday," said Kemp.

In the evening on May 30th, a stranger shot her in the face. She was with three family members driving on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard in Northwest Atlanta.

According to the police report, Kemp's 17-year-old brother started talked to a girl standing on the street. A man approached and flashed a gun. The group drove off and the man started firing.

"Instantly when I heard shooting I jumped over my little brother because he was driving. I pushed his head down, so he wouldn't be hit," said Kemp.

It wasn't until they were several blocks away that Kemp realized she had been shot. The bullet entered her face directly in front of her left ear. It became lodged in the right side of her jaw.

"I am hurt that it happened to me, but at the same time, I'd rather it happen to me than my baby brother," said Kemp.

Kemp is one of 13 children. She said while she was in the hospital there was one thing on her mind, missing her youngest brother's high school graduation.

She said she tries to not to think about the man who shot her.

"If there was an issue, I feel like talk it out, violence ain't the way," said Kemp.

Kemp and her family said they do not know him. Kemp's brother and cousins in the vehicle were able to give a vague description to police.

Officers also searched the area of the crime scene with a tracking dog. Atlanta Police said there has yet to be an arrest in the case.

Kemp said doctors were unsure if she'd live, but now she is back home and taking care of herself. She is a crew trainer at McDonald's. Kemp said she does not have insurance.

Her sister set up a fund at Bank of America to help pay the bills. It is listed as the Mildred Kemp Fund.

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