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Condo dwellers say flooding is constant

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Duct tape seals the edges of the basement door in the condominium that Adelia Mitchell owns. She said flooding has gotten so bad in her unit that she cannot go into her basement without wearing a mask.

"I keep a headache all the time, I'm coughing all the time," Mitchell said. "I just want somebody to fix it."

Mitchell lives in one of five condos at the Virginia Commons Condominium Community that floods nearly every time it rains. Homeowners are responsible for damages to the inside of their units, and the homeowners' association is responsible for what happens outside of the units. But Mitchell points out red clay that comes in with water on the floor of her basement and believes all of the thousands of dollars worth of damage inside should be taken care of by the HOA.

"It's been going on, it's been going on, it's been going on," Mitchell said. "There's been band aids put on it and things like that hasn't solved the problem."

The HOA board president Herbert Williams said he's been into the affected units before and that he's working to fix the problem. He said a property manager has gotten estimates from three different companies on how much it would cost to fix both the outside drainage issues and the inside damage. Williams said there will be an emergency board meeting on Monday where members can vote on whether or not the damages should be covered.

"We are going to take care of the problem that is the HOA's responsibility - inside or out - as long as it's legally the HOA's responsibility," Williams said.

But Millicent Parks has rented an affected unit for the past two years and said she has heard that promise several times before.

"We've been hearing that he's going to fix it but it hasn't been fixed yet," Parks said. "At this point, you're now going to fix it? I don't know if they really are going to fix it or not, I don't think they are."

Parks said she is sick and tired of having to deal with her belongings getting wet from floods and is moving out.

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