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Cherokee County school board member arrested

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Kelly Marlow Kelly Marlow
Barbara Knowles Barbara Knowles
Kelly Marlow and Robert Trim Kelly Marlow and Robert Trim

Cherokee County Schools board member Kelly Marlow was booked and then she bonded out of the county's detention center on Saturday.

Canton police issued a warrant for her arrest on Friday. Marlow, Barbara Knowles and Robert Trim are all accused of making false statements to police.

On June 13 they called 911 and said Superintendent Frank Petruzielo tried to run them over.

911 Dispatcher: "Cherokee County 911, what's the extent of your emergency?"

Barbara Knowles: "I'm calling because I just left a school board meeting. I was crossing the street, crossing to come to the restaurant. The superintendent of schools raced right by me in his white BMW and did not stop. He just accelerated past me."

911 Dispatcher: "OK, somebody in a white BMW?"

Knowles: "No, it's the superintendent of the schools in his white BMW."

911 Dispatcher: "OK, so he sped by you?"

Knowles: "I was crossing the street, and he sped up and went right by me."

911 Dispatcher: "Are you wanting to meet with a police officer?"

Knowles: "Uh, yeah, that's why I'm calling."

Canton police investigated their allegations and determined they were false. Police issued arrest warrants for all three Friday night.

Police said Marlow and Trim turned themselves in on Saturday. Knowles turned herself in Sunday. She was later released on a $11,800 bond.

Christine Rea is a mother of three. Marlow represents the district she lives in.

"This part of it is sad. I hope the outcome for those that live in our post is what we are hoping for. I feel bad for this," said Rea.

Rea said she's not surprised Marlow is now facing a felony charge for making false statements to police.

"It's pretty bold, I give her that. I'm not sure how and why they thought that was a good idea. Clearly it's backfired. The truth always prevails," said Rea.

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