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Local contractor accused of not paying worker

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People don't want to pay you. It shouldn't be that way.

Jason Tuten is a handyman. He can do just about anything including repairing air conditioning units.

"I can change outdoor HVAC units or clean all the trash out of a house or apartment when someone moves out," Tuten said.

Tuten said for about two months he worked for Lanning-Davis LLC, but he said from the beginning things weren't right.

"They were paying me something every week. It started with about $500 then I kept saying something to them every week. I told them this is not even covering my costs, my fuel, my parts, stuff like that," Tuten said.

Tuten said he kept documents and invoices to prove what he is owed.

"They just paid me $1,414 out of $5,000. That left a balance of $3,800. Now I think the balance is $3,200 and they tell me that is not what they show on file," said Tuten.

CBS Atlanta reporter Bernard Watson contacted Michael Lanning, one of the owners of Lanning Davis LLC.

"Well we have all the numbers and I don't know where he comes up with those numbers because even the people that pay us didn't have numbers close to what he did," said Tuten. "I don't do accounting, I can't tell you what we owe him. Our agreement with him is 30 days. He has never gone more than two or three weeks without getting paid."

Tuten said he's fed up.

"I would just like to have my money. I had a job, I dropped my job to work with these people. Now what? I don't have a job now," Tuten said.

Monday afternoon, Tuten said Lanning-Davis LLC sent him a picture of an envelope that reportedly contained a certified check for the final amount he is owed. Tuten said he is hoping the check will settle the issue.

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