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Zimmerman verdict becomes big talker at local churches

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The George Zimmerman verdict became a big topic at some Atlanta churches on Sunday, particularly in the African-American communities.

The not guilty verdict still has some people baffled and confused.

"It was like, wow. Are you really even serious right now," said Daniel Dickey on his reaction to the verdict.

But for others, the reaction wasn't so much shock as it was disappointment.

Samuel Mosteller is the state president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

"It's a travesty before the country, and before Florida. Again Florida has let another child killer go. Another child killer has been let go in the Florida justice system," said Mosteller.

The SCLC wants the justice system fixed and it's trying to rally a meeting to get something done.

Meanwhile, visitors to the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site have King's main message of equality on their mind; something some people think took a big hit with the Zimmerman verdict.

"It's like two to three steps back in the notion that there's no racism and there's equality. To think that literally you can get away with murder," said DaVida Roberts.

"It's sad, disheartening, and I'm almost ashamed to be from the south at this moment," said Dickey.

But at Ebenezer Baptist Church, there was no talk of steps backward, only steps forward.

Senior Pastor Raphael Warnock said this tragic death and nationally covered trial could end up being a turning point for the next generation.

"Trayvon Martin has tragically become a symbol in this new moment and I think out of it you will see a multiracial movement of freedom-loving people saying this is America and we can do better than this," said Warnock.

Some would argue that the multiracial movement has already started. Even though many of the protests and marches across the country have been filled with a lot of anger and disappointment, it's still bringing people of all races together and some see that as a good start.

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