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Alleged squatter exposed by CBS Atlanta investigation faces new charge

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DeKalb County police filed a charge of identity fraud against a woman already accused of forging a lease to live in a home for free. 

Daquisha Barber, 33, was charged with identity fraud for allegedly filing a tax return in another woman's name and keeping the refund. 

"When I found out my taxes had already been filed, I knew who did it," said Pamela Carr, of Lithonia. 

According to an arrest warrant, Carr gave Barber her personal information in 2009 to file her taxes. But when Carr attempted to file her taxes this year, she was informed someone had already done so. 

"Quisha is the only person in Georgia that I had given my personal information to," said Carr, who said she used to date Barber's father. 

Carr said she filed an identity theft report with DeKalb County police in February.  

Then, earlier this month, Carr said a detective came to her door with a debit card with Carr's name that police had found in the home Barber had been living. 

"[The detective] knew who did it because he found it in her house. I had been telling these people she had to be the one who did this," said Carr. 

Barber was originally arrested and charged with second-degree forgery on July 1 for allegedly forging a lease agreement to live in a home in Ellenwood. The county marshal's office evicted the family from the home, including Barber's five children who were alone at the time of the eviction.

"She's getting what she deserves," said homeowner Valister Wilson.

Wilson said Barber and her five children broke into his house at 4864 Outlook Rd. in February while it was vacant and on the market. 

"It's very sad, especially considering she's the mother of five kids and that anyone would put their kids through this is pretty painful to see," said Wilson. 

Before the eviction, DeKalb County police investigators executed a search warrant at which time they found the debit card, according to the arrest warrant. 

Carr said she now wonders whether Barber has been filing her taxes every year since 2009 without her knowing.

A CBS Atlanta News investigation in May uncovered court documents that showed Barber was part of similar schemes involving three other homes in DeKalb County over the past five years.  Barber was evicted from a home in Lithonia a month before moving into Wilson's home.

A source with the DeKalb County Police Department told CBS Atlanta News that investigators executed a search warrant and removed evidence, such as documents and computers, that could be used to file additional charges.

According to Barber's attorney, the accusations against Barber are false. 

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