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Road washed out in Hall County reopened

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The road washed out in North Hall County was reopened early Sunday.

The water left a big hole in C. Rogers Road just north of Gainesville. The hole was about 15 feet deep and 15 feet across.

The cause of the large hole wasn't day long showers, but a sudden and short downpour, according to residents.

"It poured out all at one time. It was just one big bucket for a little bit," said resident Stephen Sullens.

Once the ground started to wash away, it didn't take long for the road to crumble and go down with it.

"It was like wow - you couldn't believe it because it's so huge," said resident Michelle Quinones.

The gap in the road not only kept people on the other side from getting out, but kept people from getting in.

"My baby sitter lives on the other side and she has my two kids. What was supposed to be a couple hours of her watching the kids has turned into an all night affair," said Jennifer Rose.

It's a scary feeling for a mother with an infant baby. Rose said the babysitter should have enough formula, but if not she had a backup plan.

"I have some hip waiters so if worse comes to worse, I was going to go through that stream to get to them fed. You're not going to let kids starve," said Rose.

For others, it was just the continuation of an already bad week thanks to Mother Nature.

"We had a car get by a tree on Wednesday. It killed the car and two cats. Then today we went to get a chainsaw and find out the road is washed out," said Hugh Dale.

County crews attacked the washed out road by quickly getting the old pipe out, bringing a new one in, along with truck after truck of dirt.

Workers rushed to get things fixed, but some residents decided they couldn't wait and found ways around it by walking through the creek.

Despite the inconvenience most said they don't have any hard feelings about the weather.

"I still like her. Mother Nature is alright. She's pretty cool. She keeps the excitement in your life," said Dale.

The county did have a boat set up on the lake side to ferry residents to another road, but most people chose to just wait it out.

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