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State levies $111K fine against rogue locksmith exposed by CBS Atlanta investigation

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A Fulton County locksmith company exposed by CBS Atlanta News as early as 2011 has been fined $111,897.40 to resolve allegations of unfair and deceptive practices, according to John Sours of the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection.  

When asked if he could describe the company and its president, Sours responded, "probably not in words that you can air to your audience."

Sours said state investigators found that Atlanta Solutions Locksmith, LLC and owner Asher Uziel misrepresented his company's services and credentials. Sours also alleged that the company quoted customers one price and then tacked on higher charges after the locksmith performed services.     

CBS Atlanta News investigators Adam Murphy and Jeff Chirico conducted a joint investigation into Atlanta Locksmith Solutions in 2011 and 2012 and found the company operated under dozens of fake names to appear as if it had locations throughout metro Atlanta. Sours said the company only had one location in Fulton County but used more than a 100 different names which had not been registered. 

Hollie Holler, of Atlanta, told CBS Atlanta News in 2011 that a technician from Atlanta Solution Locksmith charged her $232 to open her car door.

"They take advantage of customers," said Holler. 

Sours said Uziel was one of the most problematic locksmiths in the state but said there are other companies who use the same deceptive tactics.

Sours said Uziel has agreed to pay $11,897.40 in restitution to be split among 46 customers in addition to $100,000 in civil fines and investigative expenses. 

Customers who believe they had been ripped off by Atlanta Solutions Locksmith are encouraged to file a complaint with the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection.

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