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Cherokee County teacher saves two lives while vacationing in Montana

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A math and science teacher at ACE Academy in Holly Springs saved two lives while on vacation at Glacier National Park in Montana.

Last Wednesday afternoon, Steven Keith, 49, was sight-seeing with his brother and young niece when lightning struck some people nearby.

"Once we got to the fall, that's when the rain really started coming down," said Keith. "All of a sudden to my left I saw lightning and the thunder cloud."

Moments later Keith realized that lightning struck tourists Kensley Leishman and Travis Heitman.

"I listened for her breathing, [Leishman's] and there was none. There was no pulse," said Keith.

That's when the teacher's years of CPR training kicked in.

"It was pretty amazing how quickly it just came right back to me," said Keith.

Keith worked to revive Leishman while another tourist, known only as Beth, worked on Heitman.

Keith's heroism didn't stop there.

Once he realized that an 11-year-old boy just a few feet away had also been struck by lightning, he helped save him too.

"Uh it's, it's pretty intense. It's an emotional feeling I never experienced before. It's hard to put into words," said Keith.

Some might say the words are "double hero," but Keith was having nothing to do with that.

"No. CPR saved their lives. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time," said Keith.

Keith told CBS Atlanta News that he wanted to share his story in hopes that people will see the importance of CPR training.

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