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Rusty Sneiderman's dad testifies in perjury trial

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A second day of testimony wrapped up in the Andrea Sneiderman perjury trial with Sneiderman's father-in-law taking the stand.

Don Sneiderman said that Andrea Sneiderman called him the morning his son, Rusty Sneiderman, was murdered and told him "Rusty's been shot."

That testimony contradicts what Andrea Sneiderman said during the trial of her former boss, Hemy Neuman. The two were reportedly having an affair and Neuman is serving life in prison for Rusty Sneiderman's murder.

Prosecutors played video clips of Andrea Sneiderman's testimony during Neuman's murder trial in 2012.

"No one was talking. No one was saying a word," jurors heard Andrea Sneiderman say in the taped testimony. "No one would tell me what happened."

Andrea Sneiderman said she did not learn that her husband had been shot until she arrived at the hospital.

However, Don Sneiderman told jurors he clearly remembers Andrea Sneiderman telling him that her husband had been shot before she arrived at the hospital.

"She called, she was very excited, her voice was very high pitched," Donald Sneiderman said. "She said Rusty had been shot, she was so, so sorry and she was going to Dunwoody Prep to see what had happened."

Donald Sneiderman was asked why he was so sure about remembering his phone call with Andrea Sneiderman when he couldn't remember other details surrounding Rusty Sneiderman's murder.

"There are some calls you never forget, and that one was one of them," Donald Sneiderman said.

On Tuesday morning, prosecutors called to the stand a former friend of Neuman.

Melanie White, the Dunwoody realtor who helped Neuman and his former wife buy a home in 2006, testified that beginning in July of 2010, Neuman confided in her that he had left his wife and was he was having an affair with a co-worker named Andrea, a married woman with two children. White would later learn that the woman's last name was Sneiderman.

White said that Neuman told her about a business trip he and Andrea Sneiderman had taken to Greenville, SC, during which the two had decided that they were "soul mates." She said that Neuman began keeping her informed of how his affair was progressing, sometimes forwarding to White email exchanges between Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman to elicit White's advice.

"I told him to leave her alone," White recalled.

White said that after Neuman's business trip to London with Andrea Sneiderman, he told White that he and Andrea Sneiderman got really close and that Andrea Sneiderman "gave in."

During Neuman's 2012 trial, Andrea Sneiderman took the stand and repeatedly denied having an affair with Neuman.

After Neuman's conviction, DeKalb County authorities arrested Andrea Sneiderman, charging her with murder and other charges. The murder charges, however, were dropped a few days before her trial was set to begin. She now faces 13 counts that include perjury and false statements.

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