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Fulton County employee finds racial slur carved into his car at work

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Racial slur scratched into hood of car blurred Racial slur scratched into hood of car blurred

Guy Harrison's car was vandalized last month.  

"As I inspected the car, I saw all these scratches," Harrison said.

But the scratches on the side of his car were just the tip of the iceberg.

"As I approached my car this is when I saw the n-word scratched all across the hood," Harrison said. "Quite naturally, I was upset, particularly in 2013, that someone would do this. If this was back in the 60's, I wouldn't have been so surprised, because I have experienced a lot of things, but in this day it is very disturbing to say the least," said Harrison.

Harrison is a manager at the South Fulton County Maintenance and Operations Center.
He said the disturbing slur was carved into the hood of his car, while he was at work .

"It had to be someone at my job. It happened between the time I normally work between 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and it is not unusual for me to work after that time. It was about 6 p.m. when my colleague discovered the damage to my car," said Harrison.

Guy says he hasn't had any problems with anyone at work recently, so he can't understand why someone acted the way they did.

"I am wondering who could it be. Someone who is smiling, could do such a mean and dastardly act? They won't confront me face to face. I look at it as someone doing a cowardly act, like doing terroristic threats, throwing the rock, then hiding the hand," Harrison said.

He says it's been nearly a month since he reported the incident to his supervisors, and filed a police report, but the vandal or vandals have not been caught.

"I find it hard though to believe that in broad daylight somebody didn't see something," said Harrison.

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