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Police issue hefty tickets to school zone speeders

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With the new school year back in full swing, police are handing out expensive reminders of the dangers of speeding through school zones.

Decatur police officers used laser speed detectors Tuesday to monitor drivers in the area of Clairemont Elementary School. Officers, as they routinely do, ticketed drivers who did not observe posted speed limits.

The pedestrian organization PEDS, in partnership with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, provided educational materials to violators explaining how vulnerable younger pedestrians are.

"They can't necessarily see as well, and they can't judge distance and speed as well," said Marian Maddox, a PEDS spokeswoman. "So as drivers, we really need to be careful of all pedestrians, but especially children."

Parents were glad to see the extra police presence.

"It's a nice warning sign when they see the police to remember to slow down because you need reminders sometimes," said Kristen Allin, a Clairemont Elementary parent.

School zone speeding tickets are quite expensive, according to Capt. W.S. Richards of the Decatur Police Department. 

Here's a breakdown of fines for violations in a 25-mile-per-hour school zone:

31-35 mph - $72.50

36-39 mph - $282.50

40-43 mph - $352.50

44-48 mph - $422.50

49-55 mph - $1,402.50

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