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Falcons fans worry new stadium will increase ticket prices

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If all goes according to plan, the Atlanta Falcons and the city of Atlanta will break ground on a new stadium next April.

Wednesday, the team brass, the stadium designer and city officials met with the public to discuss the impact of the project.

The meeting touched on a whole host of issues about how the new stadium will impact the city of Atlanta -  everything from jobs, to communities and schools, but the one thing that may have rubbed some of the Falcons faithful the wrong way are personal seat licenses.

Some season ticket holders said they may not return to the new stadium in 2017 if ticket prices, thanks to personal seat license agreements, are too high. Some fans fear those licenses could start at $10,000.

"I pay like $1,300 for my three seats I have up behind the goal post now, but $10,000 will be outrageous. I like being a season ticket holder, but it goes past $10,000 to be a season ticket holder, I guess I won't be a season ticket holder," said one fan.

Falcons general manager Rich McKay did not commit to a PSL price Wednesday, but says fans won't be disappointed.

"We've said before and we will commit to you now that our goals are much more modest than you've seen in other stadiums," said McKay.

Falcon's fans hope that the team's upper management keeps their word and keeps PSL prices low.

"I'm already on a payment plan to pay $1,700 for tickets and if it's at $10,000, I can't be on a payment plan and pay $10,000. It's not feasible," said fan Franklin Daniel.

Watchdog group Common Cause Georgia have had great concerns about how many public dollars are going into this stadium and said high PSL prices would be another violation of the public's trust.

"We got calls from Falcon season ticket holders saying if they do this, I'm done. 'I already pay $2,000, I already pay $3,000 a year. I can't afford anymore. They are going to price me out,'" said William Perry with Common Cause Georgia.

The Falcons management said cost will largely depend the final stadium design that's erected.

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