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Deer hunting season begins in Georgia

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There are many people excited about Georgia's deer hunting season starting tomorrow. The cute 4-legged creatures are fun to look at, but as Denise Watts found out they can be dangerous.

"I mean it jumped six feet, almost into the road. I hit the back of the deer and it flew 30 feet," said Watts.

Watts hit a deer three years ago. After she hit it, the deer flew into 66-year-old Virginia Solomon's windshield and killed her.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Sergeant Mike Barr said each deer and drivers meet unexpectedly.

"Because of a large population, a deer can cross the road at any time. It is heightened during breeding season because the animals move more," said Barr.

So how does the state control the deer population?

"Hunters are the number one reason we are able to control the deer population in Georgia," said Barr.

Saturday the season kicks off for archery hunters. Hunting helps control the deer population, but hunters like Ramona Walker do it for a different reason.

"I love to hunt to get deer to put it up for the winter. We like to eat deer," said Walker.

Walker and her husband also contribute to the $1.6 billion hunting brings to Georgia's economy.

She purchased a new crossbow at Adventures Outdoors in Smyrna on Friday.

"This is our new, new prize! I'm so excited," said Walker.

Eric Wallace's dad opened the first Adventures Outdoors store in 1977. Because of the growing interest in hunting, they have now expanded the Smyrna store to 80-thousand square feet.

"In the last 20 years, the hunting industry has grown. There are more families getting involved, new people coming into the store every year," said Wallace.

As more and more people get involved in hunting, safety becomes a concern.

Game wardens will be out in full force, making sure hunters are licensed and following the laws.

"Safety is number one. Be sure of your target. Be sure of what's beyond your target," said Barr.

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