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Gwinnett school enrollment exceeds projections

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Gwinnett school enrollment exceeds projections Gwinnett school enrollment exceeds projections

The school year started weeks ago but Gwinnett County finds itself scrambling to hire teachers after finding enrollment well beyond what it projected. 

The state's largest school system has nearly 168,000 students.  The district added 3,700 this school year, nearly double the number it estimated.

"I guess it's just part of the problem that goes along with the public school system," said Kristin Wint, who lives in the district. "Unfortunately, there's so much projecting that's attempted to be done, but we just can't read the future." 

District leaders said they are now in the process of hiring more teachers.

"We now understand that the numbers are increasing," said school spokesman Jorge Quintana. "We now understand that as the economy continues to recover, that people are now more willing to move." 

Quintana said they have plenty of teachers applying for the open positions.

"The good thing is Gwinnett is a highly sought out district, so we have so many candidates that are looking to become part of the district," said Quintana. "We have many qualified candidates to choose from."

District leaders said they are trying not to disrupt students as they deal with the overcrowding problem.

"The most kids a teacher should have is 20 kids, tops," said Yoselin Garcia, a mother of four. "I don't think teachers are going to be able to teach the kids, if they have more than that."

The school system said it has been conservative with its enrollment projections the past few years because of the economic downturn.

"This is something we have faced for many decades in Gwinnett, and we manage it," said Quintana. "We manage it well."

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