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Trucking school closes abruptly, employees and students owed money

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A metro Atlanta trucking school shut down unexpectedly last month leaving Glen McClanahan without a job. It was a job he said he held for nearly six years.

As lead instructor, McClanahan taught students to drive big rigs so they could obtain a commercial driver's license.

According to employees and students, Atlantic CDL Training Center in Covington closed suddenly leaving them high and dry.

"We never got a clue that this was going to happen. We came in here Monday morning thinking we're going to work and we got separation papers handed to us. They said, 'That's it, the school is closed,'" McClanahan said.

McClanahan said he never received his final paycheck and he's not the only employee out thousands of dollars.

"We can't pay our bills. I'm two months behind on my rent and I'm expecting my landlord to tell me to move anytime," McClanahan said.

To make matters worse, McClanahan said multiple students paid more than $2,000 each for a class they couldn't complete.

"The week that we closed, four of them were supposed to go down and take their CDL test. So I really feel bad for them because they can't get anything," McClanahan said.

CBS Atlanta News spoke with David Couch, the attorney representing the business, and he said a surety bond was set up to reimburse the students, but it could be months before the owner is able to pay the employees.

"He owns this property right here we're standing at and he's got all these assets. Why can't he sell some of that to pay us?" McClanahan said.

Couch said the owners are determining what their assets are so that they can sell them and then pay off the employees. They hope to have that taken care of in the next two to three months. As for the students, Couch said they can file a claim with the Georgia Department of Driver Services for reimbursement.

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