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Clayton County student is attacked in boys bathroom

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Israel Price is a performer in an anti-bullying campaign.

"He has been a part of the tour with F.E.D. UP 4 You. He goes around with them to other schools to talk about anti-bullying," said Charleia Price, Israel Price's mother.

Thursday afternoon at Riverdale Middle School, Israel Price said he fell victim to what he preaches against. He said he was beat up by bullies in the bathroom of his school.

"He was getting ready to use the bathroom and they came in and threw him up against the wall," Charleia Price said.

Charleia Price said she rushed her son to the hospital after he suffered a concussion.

"He has a ways to go, the neurologist said it could take a minute before he is even ready to go back to school and when he does, it will  be a half day and not a full day," Charleia Price said.

Charleia Price said what bothers her the most is, her son's school didn't do enough to handle the situation.

"There was no community resource officer onsite yesterday, so there was nothing done other than the kids were sent home. There was no police report, there was nothing. No one said, 'let's call Clayton County Police and they will come and deal with it,'" Charleia Price said.

Charleia Price said it took several calls from she and her husband before a school resource officer finally contacted her. She says the situation could have been prevented had school officials paid attention.

"He lets the teachers know they messed with me, they talked to me and they will get a timeout or go sit down in the gym or something like that, but it is never been anything that's been actively pursued by any staff," Charleia Price said.

Late Friday afternoon, the Clayton County School District released a statement addressing the accusations against school officials:

We are investigating the allegations of an incident that was reported to have taken place at Riverdale Middle School on Thursday, Sept. 19, and have found the following information:
This is an ongoing investigation. We have learned that the principal and teachers followed protocol. We are limited in the amount of information that we can disclose at this time because of the ages of the students involved. We can state that efforts have been made to ensure that all involved students received due process.
Furthermore, we can confirm that an incident happened at Riverdale Middle School on Thursday, involving male students. We can also confirm that a male student struck his head against a wall as a result of unintended contact. The contact resulted from an earlier verbal exchange seemingly initiated by the student who was injured.
The injured student was seen by a healthcare technician and his mother was contacted. The mother is following up as is appropriate for her.

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