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Officer accused of crash that killed two women enters not guilty plea

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Kristina Hambie Kristina Hambie

Wayne Scott showed up at the DeKalb County Courthouse Thursday with his sister's obituary. Shelley Scott-Amos was killed along with her friend Cheryl Blount-Burton in February 2011.

DeKalb's district attorney said former DeKalb County Officer Kristina Hambie was driving 30 miles over the speed limit, on her way to lunch when she hit the car Scott-Amos and Blount-Burton were riding in.

Mawuli Davis represented Scott-Amos' family in their civil case against the county.

"We hired our own accident re-constructionist and we were able to obtain the printout from the patrol unit's black box," said Davis. "We were able to determine the patrol car was clearly speeding and there was not an emergency she was responding to."

After the accident, the county fired Hambie and settled with the victims' families.

"I would say the county settled within nine months of the incident," said Davis. "We believe our work led to the arrest of the officer. Initially the way it was being communicated was that Ms. Burton was at fault."

Blount-Burton's only son, Desmund Nicely, also attended Hambie's arraignment.

"Time heals all wounds. I'm able to talk about it more now, at one point it was harder," said Nicely. "We all miss my mom. We just want justice served for my mom and Mrs. Shelly."

Nicely is happy the criminal case is finally underway.

"I'm content that it's progressing, that we see something is being done because it's been a long time," said Nicely.

"My heart goes out to the officer. I'm sure she has to live with this. Accountability has to be instilled here," said Scott.

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