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What will Affordable Health Care Act cost Georgia?

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Tax expert goes over cost of Obama care with clients Tax expert goes over cost of Obama care with clients

The Governor's Office estimates the Affordable Health Care Act will cost the state of Georgia $4.5 billion over the next decade and will continue skyrocketing.

Gwinnett County officials estimate the plan will cost them approximately $2.2 million to administer next year. DeKalb County estimates its price tag at $800,000.

"If you're happy with your current insurance, keep it," said tax expert and small business owner Buffie Purselle. "If you don't have insurance this is a great opportunity for you to be able to find out if you can afford insurance beginning Jan. 1, 2014."

Purselle said a business owner with fewer than 50 employees is not required to offer health insurance. However, if they do so, significant tax credits are available.

Purselle said that she has been unable to offer some of her workers health insurance because they have pre-existing conditions and cannot get coverage.

"If I can budget for it, I will go," said Lisette Ramos, Purselle's office manager. "But if I can't budget for it or if finances are not right and I can't afford to go, then I won't go." 

Many said they would look into the health care plans the government is offering.

"I find health insurance is very strange," said Gracey Hitchcock, who is self-employed. "We are the only developed country, the major developed power, that doesn't have health coverage for everybody."

Applications for health care will be accepted beginning Tuesday, Oct. 1. Under the law, those not currently insured must get health care coverage by March, 2014.

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