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GA National Guard reacts to government shutdown

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The Adjutant General of the Georgia National Guard made it clear, the men and women serving the citizens of Georgia have been the victims of politics.

Major General Jim Butterworth said he is prepared to do whatever it takes to help the country through this crisis, but will stand-up for the men and women of the Georgia National Guard.

"I don't want the message to be that we don't want to be part of the solution," Butterworth said. "Our team, our families want to be part of whatever the solution is to a federal fiscal crisis. That having been said, I am definitely of the opinion that solution doesn't need to be on the backs of the families and the members of the Georgia National Guard."

Currently there are 15,000 people in the National Guard. Of those, roughly 1,000 are considered active military, and will continue to receive their pay. Another 2,000 employees are currently furloughed across the state until Congress can make a decision.

"We have some folks that are upset, some folks don't understand, and others that quite frankly live paycheck to paycheck," Butterworth said.

Today marks Butterworth's second anniversary as The Adjutant General, after he was appointed to the position by Governor Nathan Deal. It is an anniversary he'll never forget.

Butterworth said what will keep him awake at night is worrying that the guard will be called up for duty to respond to a crisis in Georgia.

Roughly 50 percent of National Guard missions are to help during natural disasters.

"Do I think we can respond, God forbid if something comes up like that, I think we can respond," Butterworth said. "Our folks will be ready. And they will be there."

Current National Guard soldiers are serving in Afghanistan, others have been positioned along the Mexican border to help secure our borders.

"They are protecting our country and need our prayers," Butterworth said.

Of the 54 National Guard units, Georgia is the 8th largest.

Butterworth posted a letter on the Georgia National Guard's website talking about the government shutdown.

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