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Obamacare supporters launch education campaign

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Jane Crain remembers what it was like to live without health insurance when she was a child.

"I didn't have medical growing up," Crain said.

That is why Crain, a retired nurse, is volunteering to help educate people about The Affordable Care Act in communities and on college campuses around metro Atlanta.

"I feel that healthcare is a human right and I think there's no question about the need to support it," Crain said.

Grassroots supporters of The Affordable Care Act are launching a campaign to educate people about the law, commonly known as Obamacare.

Organizing for Action, an advocacy that supports the president's efforts, are training volunteers to fan out and teach uninsured Georgians of the benefits of the law that requires Americans to enroll for coverage.

Crain cried as she explained going to the doctor should not have to mean going broke.

"I've sat across from so many patients who cannot afford healthcare, they have no insurance and they're in desperate need," Crain said.

Opponents are launching their own campaign against The Affordable Care Act.

Joel Aaron, with the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, said the Act will Cause health insurance rates to soar.

"We believe, ultimately, the cost of healthcare will go up, the quality of care will go down. Nationwide, the suggestions are it could rise as much as 30 percent around the country," Aaron said.

Tim Sweeney, the Director of Health Policy with the non-partisan Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, said the  new plans may actually cover more ailments without increasing rates in Georgia.

"So far, nationally, the premiums have come in a little bit less than expected," Sweeney said.

When asked if the Affordable Care Act will cause insurance rates to skyrocket in Georgia, Sweeney said "the experience shows us, so far, that they're not."

Crain said Obamacare can give uninsured families the lifeline they need in tough times.

"To have a family bankrupted by medical costs, it's just unthinkable in the United States," Crain said.

Volunteers are gearing up to teach people about The Affordable Care Act as Georgia faces a shortage of counselors, or navigators, licensed to help guide people through the enrollment process.

The federal government already requires navigators to be trained.

Georgia added another level of certification.

Critics have said that extra layer of regulation is an attempt to block the program.

CBS Atlanta on Wednesday will speak with the lawmaker who crafted the legislation to regulate navigators.

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