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Woman who turned in cop killer wants rest of reward

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Jurusha Tucker Jurusha Tucker

In a DeKalb County courtroom, Oct. 2, 2012, a visibly nervous Jurusha Tucker testified against her then boyfriend William "Bo C" Woodard and admitted she led police to him.

Tucker was paid a $20,000 reward for Woodard's arrest.

Woodard was on the run after he shot and killed DeKalb County Police Officers Ricky Bryant and Eric Barker on Jan. 16, 2008.

A massive manhunt ensued for Woodard and another man. The county's former police chief and former CEO Vernon Jones announced a major reward at a press conference on Jan. 17.

"We must not let the silence of our friends ring louder than the violence of our enemies," said Jones Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

At that time the reward was up to $30,000. The longer the suspects were on the run, the bigger it grew. It grew close to $60,000. Tucker knew it and she also knew the police were watching her.

"They came to my grandmother's house that next day after the incident and asked me did I know Woodard or his whereabouts," said Tucker.

Tucker said, at the time, she didn't know where Woodard was, but soon after, he contacted her and she contacted the police.

"I called them and told them I was about to meet him and stuff," Tucker said.

 Tucker was in a car with Woodard, while on the phone with investigators planning his capture.

"I was sick, shaking, he kept asking if something was wrong. I pretended I was on the phone with the lawyer, but I was on the phone with the detective," said Tucker.

Tucker told police the description of the car they were in and their exact location, before she knew it they were surrounded.

"I was terrified! I was scared to death! They surrounded us with guns, I was crying, I panicked, I jumped out of the car. I didn't know what to do," said Tucker.

Woodard was in custody. He went to trial four years later. Tucker testified and a jury convicted Woodard and sent him to prison for life.

"I was entitled to the reward. At first, they were giving me the run around, eventually they gave me $20,000," said Tucker. "They told me I couldn't get the rest until he was prosecuted, and now that he's prosecuted I'm still waiting."

Tucker says she is still owed some $40,000.

"I feel like I'm entitled to it. I put my life on the line. I put my family's life on the line," she said.

Crimestoppers offered a reward of up to $27,000; the FBI; U.S. Marshal's Office; Bishop Eddie L. Long, pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church; and several others also made pledges.

Tune in Friday, CBS Atlanta will track the reward money and find out if Tucker is owed any additional reward.

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