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Douglas County student catches fire in school accident

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The son of a law enforcement official sprang into action Thursday night after a girl caught fire.

During a demonstration for AP students at Chapel Hill High School, an accident occurred and a student's arm caught on fire.

A nearby teacher pushed the student to the ground and tried to put the fire out, but was unsuccessful.

Will Wheeler, son of Douglas County Sheriff's Office Major Tommy Wheeler, grabbed a fire blanket from the chemistry lab and was able to extinguish the fire quickly.

 "I remember hearing a bang, seeing her hit the ground on fire. I froze up then ran to the other room to get the fire blanket and then I threw it on her and that's all I remember," said Wheeler, high school senior.

Wheeler said he just reacted. He said a lot of credit goes to the teacher who was trying to put out the flames with her hands.

The Douglas County Board of Education released this statement:

"On Thursday evening, October 3, 2013, Chapel Hill HS was hosting an Advanced Placement Open House. Students were involved with program presentations throughout the building. One group of students, under the supervision of their teachers, was demonstrating the identifying of chemicals by the color of their flame when burning. During this process a flammable liquid dispensed from the container unexpectedly fast and ignited, involving a 12th grade female student and catching her on fire. One of her teachers, standing nearby, responded quickly by getting the student down on the ground to extinguish the flames. Another teacher ran approximately 30 feet away to get a fire blanket and handed it to a male student to run back to the female student to put over her, helping to further extinguish the flames.

911 was called and an ambulance transported the female victim to the hospital. It has been reported to us that she suffered burns on about 25% of her upper body. She remains in the hospital for treatment and reported to us that she is expected to recover fully. At the time, the family and teachers are asking that their privacy be respected, and do not wish to make any further comment. The school district will advise if there is an update or those involved desire to share further."

 A family friend said the girl, who is a senior, has 2nd degree burns and is in good spirits at Grady Memorial Hospital. 

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