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Real or fake? Video of ping pong knife trick goes viral

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Georgians are talking Monday about a video that has gone viral of a man apparently demonstrating incredible skill with a ping pong paddle and some knives.

In the video, a woman stands cross-armed with a ping pong paddle in each hand. A man enters the frame and hits the handle of a knife sending the cutlery toward her and she appears to "catch" it by sticking out an arm and allowing the knife to impale the paddle. The duo then repeats the process for the other paddle.

Another man then enters from the side and holds a pineapple above the woman's head and the first man again hits a knife, slicing the top off of the tropical fruit.

The clip ends shortly after the man with the paddle hits a ping pong ball directly into the woman's mouth.

The video has generated a lot of debate about whether it is real or fake, with a large consensus of people saying that it is fake but really well done.

Obviously, one should not attempt to recreate this video as it could have dangerous or even fatal results and is most likely not real.

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