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Residents complain about parking lot, calling it illegal

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Some metro Atlanta residents claim the city has failed to follow through with their complaints over the use of a piece of property in their neighborhood.

John Paul Michalik said he and other area residents have complained for three years about the conditions at 431 Edgewood Avenue, calling it an illegal parking lot because it is not zoned accordingly.

"Just because of that rain storm we had over the weekend a lot of that stuff is pitted out, and if you look behind you they can see its gone straight into the catch basin and they're clogged," Michalik said.

Just a few days ago, Michalik caught someone dumping gravel on the property with his cell phone.

Much of the gravel has since washed away, blocking street drains and leaving standing water in the road.

"We see the dirt and gravel, and with the streets we have water that's clogged up. This community is supposed to be a nice brought up community and now it looks like we're in the ghetto, and it's not fair for us residents who live here and now it's unbearable for us to walk down the street," a resident said.

City records indicate that the property is zoned low density commercial. An employee with the zoning department told CBS Atlanta News they have informed the owner to stop using the lot for parking.

And minutes after CBS Atlanta News arrived on location, the owner of the lot posted private property signs for everyone to see.

"Actually we were allowing people to park just to be neighborly, but someone complained and said we were trying to run an unauthorized parking lot which is absolutely untrue," property owner Brenda Sanford said.

The owner has now applied for a proper parking permit for the property, and has a scheduled hearing on the matter on Oct. 23 at 4 p.m. inside city hall.

"For someone to spend $400,000 on a piece of property and then not maintain it, it's just irresponsible," Michalik said.

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