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Mother called 911 and psychic when toddler disappeared

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Tearah White, 24, made two phone calls Monday night around 8:15 p.m. after she could not find her 18-month-old daughter.

"I wanted to find my baby. I hoped they would tell me what house she was in," said White.

White said the last time she saw her daughter that night, they were upstairs inside their Ellenwood home.

"I had put a fence up for her not to go downstairs. She roams the house until she gets tired, which usually happens on a daily basis," White said.

White was not too concerned about her daughter roaming because she said her mother, grandmother, aunt and brother were all in the house.

"I was still in the house when she disappeared. My brother was gone but she wasn't with him. It was just strange," said White.

White said her family and neighbors helped police search their neighborhood for hours. A DeKalb County detective found the child behind a house three doors down from her home, four hours after she was reported missing.

"This is a very unusual, unique case where you have an 18-month-old child that is reported missing around 8 p.m. and appear just momentarily, sitting there by herself," said DeKalb police Chief Cedric Alexander.

Alexander said Tiona Jenkens was not dirty, she was not crying, nor did she appear to have been harmed. She was found in an area that officers had searched several times.

White said the psychic told her who took her child.

"They said it's somebody that I know and from the looks of things it had to be somebody that I know," said White.

White said the psychic also told her that her baby would be found.

"They didn't tell me where she was but they told me that she was going to get found and somebody was going to make sure she was going to get back to me," said White.

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