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DeKalb County gas station still closed after water found in gas

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Lakisha Hayes's SUV is once again ready for an expedition, but only after she said she spent hundreds of dollars to fix it.

"I am very sad and upset," said Hayes.

The problem started Tuesday when she said she bought $40 worth of gas from the Citgo gas station near Columbia Drive and Glenwood Road.

"I put the gas in the truck and I rode down the street. I don't think Columbia High School is a good two miles from the gas station and it stared choking, and by the time I got to my boss' driveway, it cut completely off," Hayes said.

Instead of getting gas, Hayes got mostly water. Her SUV was one of at least 10 vehicles that stopped running after filling up at the station.

"I couldn't even go to work on time yesterday. I had to get off work early so that means I didn't get all my pay," said Hayes.

The owner of the Citgo told people he will pay for all repairs, but when that will happen is unclear.

"I have called the store twice and it went to the answering machine and then I called this morning and no reply, no answer," Hayes said.

Although her SUV is running now, Hayes is concerned there could be further problems down the line.

According to Mike Karrantza, a certified mechanic with Clark Truck Repair, Hayes has a reason to be worried.

"You need to totally get the system taken apart and totally cleaned out because any little bit a drop of water pass through an injector, it's done. It's damaged the injector.  

If you've had a problem with a station's gas, you can call the Division of Fuel and Measures at 404-656-3605.

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