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Police bust suspected distribution ring

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A woman confronted the men she thinks stole her credit card number which led police to what they say is an illegal distribution ring.

DeKalb County police said they hauled dozens of items, from ATV parts to laptop computers, after they raided a home on Santa Monica and Columbia drives.

Investigators may never have found out about the ill-gotten goods had it not been for the victim who did something very daring and pretty dangerous.

Dazz Lewis could not believe what she was hearing when OfficeMax called her last Friday to ask about her purchase. Someone stole her credit card number and went shopping.

"They ordered laptop for $406," said Lewis, who decided to find out who stole her card number.

"I wanted to see if I knew the person and who would have the audacity to actually do that," Lewis said.

Lewis and her cousin drove to the home and confronted the people who live there.

"I had my cousin go knock on the door," Lewis said. The man who answered was in no mood to talk.

"He got real aggressive and threatened to sick the dogs on her," Lewis said. That's when she called police.

Investigators found dozens of packages from all over the country inside the home, police said.

DeKalb County police said the people inside the house may be part of a criminal distribution ring.

"There were packages from Ohio, California," said DeKalb County Capt. A.T. Mears. "We maybe hit a gold mine. Someone is using other people's credit cards and shipping packages to this location."

People sent packages to the home. The people inside sent out the packages.

"Packages being shipped and redistributed to avoid law enforcement to track them easily," Mears said.

Lewis canceled her credit card and will not be liable for the purchase.

"I was angry, but I'm happy now 'cause they're going to jail," Lewis said.

Police arrested one man for marijuana possession.

More people could face more charges could follow depending on what the investigation uncovers.

There may be many more victims, police said.

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