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Owners of dog that mauled Henry County woman will not face criminal charges

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A couple will not face criminal charges after Henry County police said a woman in her 60s was mauled by two pit bulls while walking her two dogs in the neighborhood on Oct. 24.

Mario Matta said his wife, Maria Inez Troncoso, was attacked just a few doors down from their home on Willow Trace in the Windsong Plantation subdivision.

Police said that a husband and wife, who live in the subdivision where the attack happened, owned the pit bulls.

Investigators would not release the couple's names but did rule there was no criminal intent from the dog owners and will not face any criminal charges.

However, Henry County Animal Control charged them with the following violations, and the couple will have to pay a fine:

  • Vicious dog - Dog that inflicts serious injury on a person or causes serious injury to a person resulting from reasonable attempts to escape from the dog's attack.
  • Allowing a dog to become a public nuisance
  • Failure to properly restrain
  • Failure to maintain rabies tag (The dogs were properly vaccinated, however, they were not wearing their rabies tags at the time of incident.)

Troncoso was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center with serious injuries.

Luz Matta, Troncoso's daughter, said Troncoso "is in stable condition and able to speak words here and there."

Matta said his wife was walking two dogs, a schnauzer and a blind sheltie. During the attack, Matta said the sheltie was able to escape.

Matta was rushing to the hospital to see his wife. He had few details about what happened but said he knows his wife was protecting their dogs.

"They are like our children," Matta said.

People in the neighborhood jumped to help Troncoso. Some called 911 and one man grabbed a broom and tried to beat the dogs off of her.

"That lady could have died man, she could have died," Earl Johnson said.

Johnson ran down the street when he heard screams for help.

"I saw the two dogs on the lady, were on top of the lady and there was a guy with a broom trying to push them off," Johnson said. "I thought they were playing with her. It looked like someone was playing and then the cop came and shot the two dogs and that was it."

The schnauzer was transported to the veterinarian with serious injuries and underwent surgery.

The sheltie was found and taken to an animal shelter.

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