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Man indicted for wife's death in boating incident

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Family friends are reacting to the recent indictment of Lawrence Piper, the man now charged in the death of his wife who died in a boating incident about 3 years ago.

Piper will make his first appearance in court this January where he faces two counts of homicide by vessel. The District Attorney's Office says he was driving the boat under the influenece of alcohol and cocaine when he made a rapid turn, causing his 38-year-old wife Dawn Piper to go overboard and hit the propeller.

Jack Flanigan, the owner of the Crab Shack, and friend of the family, was there that night when the family rushed to his dock for help. Flanigan says he believes it was just a terrible accident and he doesn't think 3 years later they need to dig it back up.

"I wish it had been over three years ago. It's just terrible they have to bring it back up again. If they were going to do something, they should have done it three years ago," said Flanigan.

Flanigan says the incident happened over a holiday weekend and there was so much traffic on the roads to get to Tybee they wouldn't have been able to get Piper to Savannah in time to save her. Instead, they rushed her to the helipad behind the lighthouse.

Flanigan says if there is anything to take away from this tragic event, it's that the road to Tybee, U.S. Highway 80 East, needs to be four lanes instead of two.

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