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Church helps locals heal from boy's death

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When 12-year-old Eric Forbes died earlier in October, parents in his Paulding County community struggled with how to explain what happened to him to their children and themselves.

Eric's father, Shayaa Yusef Forbes, has been charged with abusing his son and with murder.

Pastor Brian Bloye of West Ridge Church in Dallas said multiple parents come to him for help, and decided to host a service for anyone dealing with Eric's death on Sunday afternoon.

"You had moms who are just crying. You had dads who don't know how to answer some of the questions that their kids have," Bloye said. "How does something like this happen to a young man whose life never even started?"

One of the people who came to the church was Ahmed Burden, who said he is Forbes' father's brother. He said that he raised Forbes for six years and considers him a second son.

"I'm here to lay my baby down," Burden said. "I'm thinking that my nephew is gone for whatever reason, and through his death, I'm going to be a better person to my son."

Bloye said one of the things he talked to with Sunday's group was dealing with anger towards God.

"What happens when life doesn't make sense? What happens when God doesn't make sense? How could something like this happen?" Bloye said. "There are things about God that we don't understand."

Bloye said he feels his calling was to help people get through difficult times by remembering their faith.

"God loves us. God's wise. We can trust him," Bloye said. "He's all-knowing, and there's things that we're not going to understand about him until we get to heaven. There's things like this that we may never have answers for."

For Burden, answers are not needed.

"I'm not going to question God and his intentions," Burden said. "He needed Eric now, and I'm OK with that."

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