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ONLY ON KOLD: 5 Ways to Save

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Every day is a busy day for Tucson mom Savannah Harris. She's a one-woman army taking care of her three daughters. But, she says "I think I have it under control - I think I've mastered it a little bit - you know."

One of the things Savannah's always trying to do - is save money. She needs to keep her family within budget - so she can stay at home with her kids. She says, "one of the big decisions was, where can I save money in our bills so I can stay at home and we can be a one-income family."

One income family, or two, we all would like to be able to save money.
Savannah has a few keys. First, she uses social media to stay in touch with friends and always be on the lookout to trade stuff. She takes going to the store out of the equation. Here are some of the deals she told us about, " this desk I bought from a friend who was moving for $80 dollars....which was a heck of a deal because I was looking at spending $150 for one that was way smaller...I had a jogging stroller that my friend was looking for and I was looking for a double stroller - she had one - we swapped - it was perfect, we didn't have to spend a penny. A swing I had brought from a friend for $30 retails for over a hundred."

And it's not just between friends. More and more moms are signing up for on-line yard sales Different facebook sites have popped up in many neighborhoods, where people can get a look at what's for sale - and can sell on their own. Savannah says, "it's not only clothes. it's baby stuff. It's appliances. It's anything that you can think of - somebody's bound to have that is selling...there's a Tucson one specifically. Then there's one for the northwest - and there's one for the east side of town. You can definitely find mom's in your area."

She also goes on-line to find activities that she and her family can do...that might not cost as much as some of the most popular attractions in our area. One mom has a website and a newsletter where you can see what's going on - and how much it will cost. Savannah checks that site all the time, "you can do all kinds of things around town - and pay pennies."

Kate Lindon's in the same boat. She's constantly busy with her two kids, and constantly trying to save money. Her saving grace is the public library. She says, "we're paying taxes for it anyway so we might as well use it!"

The library has kids books, DVD's, storytime for the kids, music - and everything is absolutely free. 

According to the Library, Kate and her family have checked out over 660 items in the last few years. So let's say she bought all of those books and DVD's at ten dollars a pop, we're talking about over $6,500 dollars in savings.

When Savannah's family absolutely needs something from the store, she makes sure she always checks the clearance and sales racks first. She also thinks ahead, "we buy the summer clothes now a size bigger - they'll fit them perfectly and I bought them now."

And Savannah says no matter what you're method of saving money, there is one critical thing you need. That thing is discipline.

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