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EXCLUSIVE: Councilwoman Archibong sues opponents for libel, slander

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Christian Enterkin said she got a voicemail message Thursday morning that shocked her.

Christian Enterkin said she got a voicemail message Thursday morning that shocked her.

"Hi, Mrs. Enterkin. My name is Robbin Shipp. I represent Natalyn Archibong.

We are in court today seeking a temporary injunction against you and have filed a complaint for defamation slander and libel against you."

Atlanta City Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong, a three-term incumbent from District 5, filed the lawsuit because of a statement on a flier Enterkin mailed out to voters. It says Archibong was late or absent 90 percent of the time to city council meetings from 2011 to 2012. A similar statement is made on a flier mailed out by Matthew Rinker, who is also running against Archibong. He is being sued by her as well.

"I did not make any of this stuff up. The minutes are available online, her attendance records is available online," Enterkin said.

CBS Atlanta tried contacting Archibong at city hall, on the phone, through email and through her attorney, but no one responded. In court papers however, Archibong claimed she has only been absent five times since 2011, but she doesn't mention how many times she has been late or call into question the claims about her being late. The judge ultimately refused to issue the restraining order.

"I have never heard of a case where a politician asked for a restraining order against her opponents a few days before the election or at any time during the election," said Paul Oeland, Enterkin's attorney. "We will be able to show that everything that is in that flier is true and because of that she will just not succeed."

"I should be able to run for office without being sued days before the election. She tried to block my campaign. She stopped me from campaigning because our campaign has a strong positive message and this will not stop that message," Enterkin said.

Rinker released a statement Friday afternoon:

"I stand by our claim that Natalyn Archibong has the worst attendance record on the Atlanta City Council, as supported by the City Council's own meeting minutes. The lawsuit is a desperate move by a desperate politician and her attorney's to hide the truth about her record from voters. As someone who is asking voters to give her a $60,000 a year salary, and who has been in public office since 2001 - she should know that actually showing up to city council meetings and committee meetings is step one in fixing the problems in our community. She has largely failed to do that. Our families and our businesses deserve better than part-time representation by someone who doesn't care enough to show up."

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